Are You Ready For Christmas?

16 days till Christmas, are you ready? Have you started shopping yet? I know I haven’t stated showing yet since I am busying wrapping up my semester of seminary this week. Can you believe that it is almost here?

I know I will be with my family in Birmingham celebrating Christmas and always looking forward to some chicken n dumplings (famous among the whole family). It will be a great day to be with family once again and trade gifts in celebrating this holiday.

So are you ready for Christmas? But I’m not talking about the day of the holiday, I’m referring to the day we remember the birth of Jesus. Have you given much thought to the reason why we celebrate Christmas? I know we are all busy, but take these next couple of days to prepare your heart in celebrating the birth of Jesus.

How can I get ready in celebrating Christmas this year?

1. Read the birth if Jesus account in Matthew 1:18-2:23 and Luke 1:1-2:40.

2. Read an advent devotional

3. Meditate on Christmas songs about Jesus

In preparing your heart for Christmas is really all about getting your heart right about the holiday, which is a day to worship God for what he has done through Jesus in making salvation possible for us, and not a day to get the best present.

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